Conformity with calibration law

The calibration law applies equally to all companies and private individuals who make their charging stations available to additional users and have the charging process billed with kWh accuracy.

Therefore, it must be ensured that the delivered quantity always corresponds to the actual measured values.This is in the interest of consumers, as they can rely on charging stations that comply with calibration regulations and deliver electricity at the exact kWh.

But what does calibration conformity mean as a requirement for charging stations?

The latest amendment, which came into force on May 28, 2022, makes it mandatory for publicly accessible charging stations to indicate the energy price per unit of energy at the charging point and to comply with the requirements of German calibration law. This law must be taken into account from 01.01.2023 at all charging stations where an electricity charge is made.


Transparency for users of the charging stations

kWh-accurate billing of the charged electricity

PV surplus charging still possible

Eligibility of the charging infrastructure

ISO15118 charge controller in preparation for bidirectional charging

What does the calibration law regulate for charging stations?

  • Billing at the charging station must be in kilowatt hours (kWh).
  • The start, end and duration of the loading process must be visible.
  • Measurement and data records for each loading process must be saved. This enables subsequent control, which can be performed using the SAFE transparency software.

The best at the end

Our cPH2 wallboxes and our cPP2 charging stations have received the type examination certificate in October 2022 and thus comply with the legal requirements of the German calibration law.

Are you planning charging stations in your company that comply with calibration regulations? Such as:

  • Charging and invoicing of employee vehicles at the company*
  • public charging stations for your customers*
  • billing within company groups*

*Compatible backend required (e.g. Virta or HasToBe)

*Compatible backend required (e.g. Virta or HasToBe)

If you have any questions about our charging solution or billing service, please feel free to contact us.