Intelligent energy management

Immediately recognise and intelligently evaluate energy situations - Efficiently regulate and visualise energy systems


Possible in meter cabinets, distributors, charging columns and at every electricity metering point


of the total electricity consumption per phase and total

Variants eCB1 LR

as measuring point+


with several load management manufacturers. For example Smart 1


Smartmeter ecB1 MP+ as measuring point and Smartmeter from Smart1 as control installed in sub-distribution.

eCB1 Smart Controller (PV control or measuring point+)

The versatile integrable central unit for intelligent current measurement and control

Direktmessung bis 63 A
Wandlermessung bis 1000 A
Hutschienenmontage für Reiheneinbau
Schnittstellen: LAN + RS-485


  • Installation in meter cabinets, distribution boards, charging columns and at every electricity metering point
  • Fully integrated smart meter
  • Interfaces: LAN + RS-485
  • Display of total power consumption per phase and total active power and energy measurement per phase in kW and real time
  • Visualisation via web interface Storage of consumption data on the unit
  • Top-hat rail mounting for series installation
  • Direct measurement up to 63 A
  • Transformer measurement up to 1000 A
Data sheet eCB1 MP+ English